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But people should stop freaking out about who John is dating.. Yeah, like honestly the name and picture look familiar. So if I had to bet I’m sure he’s just following her because her baby daddy is a close friend of his. :) Thank you anonnnn pm • 1 June 2013 • 1 note Anonymous asked: John is now following on instagram some girl whose name is Crystal.. I’m just not sure from where so I can probably guess that she’s friends with mutual friends of John’s and now he’s finally decided to follow her. pm • 2 June 2013 Anonymous asked: katie bunn has unfollowed not only halvo but all his friends which i find hilarious cause his friends are still following her what the hell do you think they got in a big fight or something That’s basically how I figured out that they broke up because they basically went from tweeting each other every day to nothing and they don’t follow each on anything. I went to her account and it is private :-s do you know if there's something going on between them? John probably knows/has known lots of people/girls.

Love Lydia Message Number: 16461 / Date Posted: 12/08/2009 MACARTHUR, JOHN HANLIN from UNKNOWN is being searched for by STEPHANIE CAMPBELL from DINGWALL Heylo, i am looking for my biological father. the last time i seen i was almost 2, i am 20 now, i would like to find him.

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We designed the purple CD artwork which John was incredibly happy with and used for the latest album.

In 2012 we were commissioned to design the artwork for his heavily anticipated compilation album for the Subculture brand.

Who is john ocallaghan dating