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Keith Kirby at the Savannah Pain Clinic to get relief for his back and leg pain. Kirby administered a transforaminal steroid injection to Morges, who immediately experienced considerable pain.

Morges was taken to Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Kirby and the clinic, Morges alleged that the epidural injection caused a spinal cord stroke that resulted in nerve damage that, in turn, caused his bladder problems. Kirby denied that his treatment of Morges was negligent or that the bladder condition resulted from the injection.

His particular interests are in vascular imaging and intervention, pain relief and spinal injections including Vertebroplasty, Interventional and diagnostic oncology offering a wide range of therapies and interventions to oncology patients – with specific skills in treating patients with liver and renal cancer (credentialled for delivery of SIR-Spheres, DCeads, TACE, Microwave and RFA).

In acute medicine he is active in the trauma team with published results in management of Pelvic Fractures with haemodynamic instability and embolisation and well as emergency embolisation for acute GI bleeding, acute epistaxis and aneurysm rupture.

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He diagnosed Morges as suffering from a neurogenic bladder caused by damage to the spinal nerves. Shapiro said he had treated hundreds of patients with a neurogenic bladder during his career.He believed the condition prevented Morges from urinating normally, a condition known as urinary retention, requiring him to use a catheter. Shapiro said such an injury would not necessarily prevent a patient from walking or eliminating normally. Shapiro also concluded, based on his examination of Morges and Morges’ medical history that the bladder condition stemmed from the spinal injection.He noted that Morges’ symptoms started at that time of the injection and that physical examination of Morges’ bladder revealed no evidence of a preexisting bladder condition. Shapiro noted that Morges had complained of bladder hesitancy (a slowness to urinate) before receiving the injection but said such a condition was not related to Morges’ subsequent bladder retention. Shapiro also opined that Morges’ bladder retention was not caused by any medications he had taken.remains a classic example of a wildly successful teen TV show, but have the cast members stayed friends?Well, if this latest story is anything to go by, probably not.