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The story goes like this: Fiona and Wes are in a rut.

Wes is a burned-out photographer currently shooting weddings to pay the bills, while Fiona is currently in the midst of a writer’s block, in spite of her success as author of a series of zombie novellas called ‘The Dead Survive’.

There’s cannibalistic hotel owners, another creepy clown, an obsessed algorithmatician, a yeti, a monster with the itch to beat stuff up, a game of terror, two baby horrors, an apocalyptic caretaker, a zom rom com, more TWILIGHT ZONE episodes, and an HP Lovecraft rock opera!

The Boo Tube: THE TWILIGHT ZONE Season 3 Episodes 13-18 (1961) Retro-review: MOTEL HELL (1980) Short cuts: DISENGAGED Short Film (2014) Send in the Clowns: THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT (1998) DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera (2014) LOGOS (2013) RUSSIAN YETI: THE KILLER LIVES (2013) THE MIDNIGHT GAME (2013) LYLE (2014) JOHNNY RYAN’S PRISON PIT: BOOK ONE (2014) PROXY (2013) LIFE AFTER BETH (2014) And finally…PJ Wolfe’s 9 MINUTES!

With the release of the Complete Season Collector’s Box Set of TWILIGHT ZONE on DVD from Image Entertainment a few months ago, I’ve been celebrating by checking out each episode and tossing out my two cents on a semi-weekly basis.

Sweeney Todd, Rocky Horror, The Phantom of the Opera and Evil Dead: The Musical are the exceptions.Le réalisateur Gregg Araki semble vouer une admiration pour ce thème (voir Kaboom).Mais celui ci est quasiment raté malgré un casting impressionnant composé de jeunes stars des années 90 (Ryan Philippe, Christina Applegate, Kathleen Robertson, Mena Suvari etc…).Also announcing the 2nd annual Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival!Filmmakers, submissions for horror and sci-fi shorts are open through Film Freeway. After Dust Up and Lo, I knew I needed to track down The Dead Inside, the film that Travis Betz made in between those two and which will finally see a home release tomorrow on DVD.