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9.”Go the Distance” This song has the feel of an epic movie. 8.”Said I loved you but I lied” This song was written by Bolton and producer “Mutt” Lange. It is a song full of pain and his voice delivers that pain in a manner that the listener is also in pain.

Frankly, an audience would feel robbed if there weren’t any gags about them in the special. “Stoic resignation,” Aukerman says, half seriously.“He realized there was no point in fighting it.

Now go get love making to this on Valentine's day or else Christmas will be ruined.

It also features Fred Armisen, Adam Scott, Sarah Silverman, Maya Rudolph, and at least a dozen other stars—and yes, it is as spectacularly stupid as you want it to be.

Michael and Donald Trump's ex-wife dated years ago, but they recently rekindled their romance — and now, it's serious!

According to an insider, Michael has been looking for a serious girlfriend ever since his engagement to Nicollette Sheridan ended in August 2008, so he reconnected with Marla.