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To understand the present, one must first have a clear understanding of the past.As a valued member of the United Studios of Self Defense family, it is important that you know more about the arts you practice.Like the well-nurtured bonsai, the roots of the United Studios family run deep – built on a foundation of traditional values with a modern day approach to self-defense and personal development.For over 40 years, United Studios has pioneered martial arts training, providing professional instruction to Men, Women & Children of all ages.Okay to start this off I would like to say as far as my writing goes this at the moment is the best that I can do, its not that I'm lazy or anything.

because I'm not a mean person I don't enjoy in hurting or pissing people off unless I have no other choice in the matter.The invading armies of Alexander the Great brought this brutal art of boxing and wrestling to India in the 4th century B. Historians also credit the Greeks for organizing the first professional boxing matches 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. This art used the defensive scissor techniques of the White Jade Fan to trap swords and spears, and pressure point strikes with the fan’s tip. They claim that Han emperors actively funded the study and refinements of Kung-Fu far beyond any fighting system known in India during this period. Hua T’o as the founder of the first martial style, and the first doctor to use anesthesia during surgery. D., he devised a series of exercises modeled on the deer, bear, bird, tiger and monkey long before the Shaolin Temple began instruction in the Martial Arts.Chinese historians dispute India’s claim to being the cradle of Asian Martial Arts. T’o designed these exercises to relieve stress, tone the body and provide a means of self-defense.Meanwhile, Yusuke takes on Sensui in a one-on-one fight that turns ugly when Yusuke discovers a startling secret about Sensui that turns him into an even deadlier foe.In fact, Sensui manages to do more than just give Yusuke the beating of his life.